Connect your Martech to Connect to your Customers


Connect your Martech to Connect to your Customers

Sitecore and Platinum Partner Avanade collaborated with research firm Vanson Bourne on research with over 1,400 CIOs and CMOs to understand how organizations are addressing the mission-critical digital customer experience. Considering the penalty for getting customer experiences wrong, the results revealed some surprising insights.

Research uncovers barriers to great customer experiences

Learn the results and analysis from Sitecore and Avanade’s latest research with Vanson Bourne about what’s preventing enterprises from delivering standout customer experiences. Find out how to:

  • Quantify the relationship between your martech stack and revenue and sales opportunities
  • Choose 3 key martech upgrades that can improve customer experiences and enable higher ROI
  • Identify and remedy gaps in your martech stack, skill set, and strategy
  • Leverage martech to reach customers more consistently for higher customer loyalty
  • Use AI, machine learning, and analytics for a more user-friendly martech stack

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Anthony Wickham - Digital Executive, Avanade

Simon Crawley - Project Manager, Vanson Bourne

Lynnette McLaughlin - Group Manager, Product Marketing, Sitecore