10 Personalisation Tactics


10 Personalisation Tactics

Personalisation is a tactic that most marketers would willingly deliver, but our research shows that very few actually do. Personalising customer experiences, whether on your website, in an email push, or a social media campaign, requires you to deliver content that takes into account the context of customers’ current and previous brand interactions.

It is an approach that delivers measurable, relevant experiences that improve performance, build loyalty, and drive real results across each of your customer engagement channels. Context marketing empowers businesses to know every customer and shape their experiences in real time and at scale.

Today’s digital customer travels a complex journey through multiple digital channels. For an organization to achieve its objectives, it must tap into that visitor’s journey at multiple points and across multiple channels—it must use personalization to market in context.

Find out 10 personalisation tactics you can use to create context marketing.