CMO Whitepaper - Turn Your Customer Into Brand Champions

CMO Whitepaper - Turn Your Customer Into Brand Champions

Turn Your Customers into Brand Champions

Do you think you’re in control of your organisation’s brand? Think again. The power has shifted into the hands of consumers, and as a result, your online reputation carries more weight – and is at greater risk – than ever before.

Consumers are increasingly turning to online reviews and social media for recommendations about where to go for products and services, and the information they find shapes brand perception.

That means Marketing Directors must modify their digital strategy to include Online Reputation Management tactics and ensure fair representation across the social web, review sites and search engines.

Read this guide to learn how online reviews are transforming the engagement landscape, and how you can turn customers into digital advocates who help drive traffic and revenue:

  • Impact of online reviews on search visibility
  • Unstructured sentiment data on social media
  • Improving customer experience
  • Set up your plan of action