How to Achieve True Customer Centricity - with Bryan Eisenberg


How to Achieve True Customer Centricity - with Bryan Eisenberg

Watch this on-demand webinar with digital marketing pioneer Bryan Eisenberg to learn how to build data-driven and customer-centric experiences for your business.

“Too many companies focus on their own internal sales data, rather than the data that reveals the true experience of the customer,” says Bryan. “They’re answering the questions that no one asked.”

When you obsess about your customers, you should constantly be innovating on their behalf to stay ahead of the game. But in order to do this, you need a framework in place, and the data to act on. In this on-demand webinar, Bryan will share his framework on how to deliver experiences that speak to what your customers want to do, and how you can methodically work to increase motivation and remove the friction from their journey.

Joey Moore, Head of Product Marketing at Episerver, shows you how Episerver’s solutions can turn Bryan’s ideas into a reality for your business. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Increase your customers’ motivation to buy
  • Source the right data and act on it
  • Minimise friction in the customer journey
  • Continuously optimise and innovate in a structured way


Bryan Eisenberg - Digital Pioneer
Bryan is the author of 5 best-selling books, and his actionable business advice has earned him the reputation as one of the most distinguished thought leaders in the industry.